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Hasjrat Abadi is a dynamic company bringing Toyota and Yamaha vehicles and accessories, genuine spare parts, vehicle servicing, and tailored financing options to customers in Eastern Indonesia.

The team behind the wheel
We’re a practical and detail-oriented team; the kind of people who resolve issues as we spot them.

You could also say we’re careful drivers: preferring to plan our business activities judiciously, rather than accelerate replica watches and take risks. Our prudent business tactics have earned us trust and long-lasting business relationships with major international corporations,replica watches and with over 25% sales growth in the last few years, this is proving a sound strategy.

Road map
Vision: To become the best automotive distributor in Eastern Indonesia by providing premium service.

Mission: To remain a leader in the automotive business, giving customer and stakeholder satisfaction through: maintaining environmental sustainability and work place safety; building trust among employees, principals, dealers, and suppliers; contributing to local economic and social development, and encouraging individual development within a team environment.

Our journey

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We began in 1956 as importers of plastics, industrial glass, and farming tools, among others.

Over the following two decades, Hasjrat Abadi evolved to meet new opportunities in the market as it sought for and shaped its business omega replica uk identity. Products supplied during these early years included cement, wooden doors, Samsung and Uchida electronics, and four-wheel drive vehicles.

In 1965 we became the exclusive distributor of Yamaha motorcycles in Manado, expanding later into Maluku and Papua.

Our partnership with Toyota began in 1979, when we became one of five authorized distribution partners in Indonesia, with exclusive distribution rights in North and Central Sulawesi, Maluku, and Papua. In the same year we established service partner CV Kombos in Manado, Sulawesi, to complement our sales facility.

Today, with a staff of 1,600, Hasjrat Abadi specializes in vehicle sales, servicing, and financing.